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Dordeduh’s transcendent second album Har contains worlds within worlds There is plenty of quick-fix heavy music out there, but if you’re hoping for transcendence, awe and worlds within worlds, Dordeduh’s second album already has your number. It was fairly obvious from 2012’s mesmerising Dar De Duh debut that Sol Faur and Hupogrammos […]

I confess. The RMR deck crew never heard of Dordeduh until we discovered Har. And at first, it was just the somewhat bizarre band name that struck me. But then, we have seen worse in this weird metal multiverse. Much worse. And once I fired up the piece, I also understood that this […]

Cel de-al doilea album al formației timișorene Dordeduh, „Har”, care a fost lansat în data de 14 mai, la casa de discuri germană Prophecy Productions, are parte de o atenție deosebită din partea presei internaționale de specialitate, având parte de o serie de cuvinte de laudă din partea criticilor muzicali […]