Dordeduh is the band of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur, former members of Negură Bunget, that resulted after the breakup of Negura Bunget in the summer of 2009.
In July 2009 Dordeduh signed a contract for 3 albums with the German label Prophecy Production.
In January 2010 Dordeduh had the first live appearance which also featured members from the bands Secrets of the Moon / The Vision Bleak.



Vocals ⸗ Guitars ⸗ Keyboards ⸗ Traditional instruments

Sol Faur

Guitars ⸗ Keyboards ⸗ Traditional instruments

Andrei Jumugă

Drums ⸗ Percussion

Flavius Misarăș


Live members:

Flavius Retea


In 10 years of activity Dordeduh collaborated with the following musicians:

Gabi Karban – Bass / Percussion (Transceatla, Negura Bunget (live), Makrothumia)
Sergio Ponti – Drums / Percussions (Sunset in the 12th House, Ephel Duath, Illogicist)
Thelemnar – Drums / Percussions – (Secrets of the Moon, The Vision Bleak)
Ovidiu Mihaita – Drums / Percussions
Arioch – Keyboards – (Secrets of the Moon / Ruins of Beverast / Ascension / Odem Arcarum / Sael)
Gallalin – Keyboards / Traditional instruments
Mihai Moldoveanu – Bass (Sunset in the 12th House, Jazzy Bit, Paperjam)
Alin Drimus – Caval / Flutes (Marțolea)
Madalin Luca – Panpipe
Denis Copilas – Traditional instruments (Apocalips)

After a couple of shows and festivals in Germany and Austria, in September 2010 the band released in vinyl format their first musical journey called “Valea Omului” at Prophecy Production. This EP includes two songs which were also featured in a different version on the first LP album called “Dar de duh”, released in September of 2012 by Prophecy Prod.

After a few European tours and festivals, Dordeduh played at some of the most prestigious festivals in the world, like Hellfest (FR), Wacken (DE), Gothic Treffen (DE), Brutal Assault (CZ), Metalcamp (SLO), Exit (SRB), Ragnaroek Fest (DE), Cernunnos Fest (FR), Kilkim Zaibu (LIT), Prophecy Fest (DE), Rock for Roots Fest (DE), Riedefest (DE), Dark Troll Fest (DE), Aurora Infernalis (NL), Howls of Winter fest (EST), Oskorei Fest (UKR), Southern Disconfort Fest (NOR), Sick Midsummer Fest (AT), Hell’s Pleasure fest (DE), Electric castle (RO), Rockstadt Extreme Fest (RO), Dark Boombastic Evening (RO), Bucovina Rock Castle (RO), Haywire Fest (RO), Revolution Festival (RO), Hatework Fest (RO), Servus Transilvania (RO), Barock Fest (RO).


The second album called “Har” was released on 14 May 2021 at Prophecy Productions and we received many great reviews:



(from Dar de duh)


(from Har)


(from Har)


(live at Brutal Assault 2011)

Press Kit

If you need high resolution images and audio media, please download the DorDeDuh press kit below: